'They're depriving their students of education,' retired teacher on Okla. protests

Michele Moreno
April 7, 2018

House Bill 1010XX was described as "the largest teacher pay raise in the history of the state".

Protesters on Tuesday overwhelmed offices of their state representatives and jeered when Republican-controlled legislature refused to consider additional school funding.

Teachers in California are the highest paid with an average annual salary of $77,179, according to 2016 data from the National Education Association.

Oklahoma is among a handful of states that cut its education budget deeply as public coffers were drained by tax cuts and the 2008 economic downturn. A good teacher has sound content knowledge, is capable of simultaneously making multiple decisions, able.

Ms Cepeda said teachers were often left feeling that it is their fault, that it was their management style or that they hadn't imposed discipline and may be told that they need some upskilling to learn how to deal with such behaviour.

"Will there be sanctions, will there be consequences for that student - because if there isn't we have to realise that there could be 20 other students in the classroom witnessing this and it also has a profound effect on them if they see behaviour like this and no consequences put in place, it's nearly like 'well, these students have free rein to do this without any sanction'". Support staff are getting a $1,250 pay boost.

Commenting on the visit, Clayton Said, Vice President from the Bank's IT Department, stated that "The day's programme was structured to put everything we do at the Bank in terms of IT, within the context of these young people's studies".

"There has to be an investigation to see the true extent of this issue, unfortunately teachers will not readily admit they're out of work due to this issue".

Students, some of whom are near voting age, threatened to punish unresponsive politicians in the November mid-terms, raising the stakes for Republicans in what would normally be one of their strongholds.

But that was not enough to placate educators, who insist cuts in recent years have been far deeper than what lawmakers have given back, and that school funding in general, and not just salaries, must be increased.

Following successful protests in West Virginia earlier this year, teachers in Oklahoma, Kentucky and Arizona have followed suit.

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