The assassination of Martin Luther King Jr

Michele Moreno
April 5, 2018

Along comes Dr. King, preaching equality and nonviolence to accomplish it. That dream has yet to be fully realized.

"Around the country, the shock that this man of peace, this man of believing all people had rights to dignity and respect, was killed, (it) was an explosive reaction around the country", Booth said. "Blacks continue to be over-represented among the poor and unemployed and the inmate population", Reed added.

"I find it interesting and fascinating that where ever he was geographical, because of who he was, what he said, what he did, and what he represented, people try so hard to hold on to that", said Baker.

Trump proclaimed the anniversary as a day to honor King. But before he could finish those plans, he came to Memphis in 1968 to support a strike by black sanitation workers who were exhausted of dealing with low pay and risky working conditions. "When you get somebody in town like Dr.King, the place is packed and jammed".

The marchers included Martin Luther King III, Al Sharpton, Bernie Sanders and Andrew Young. In various cities, protesters destroyed property, burned and looted stores, and engaged in violent clashes with law enforcement.

"So that they.understand that without Martin Luther King and that movement you could still be riding on the back of the bus, you could still be drinking from segregated water fountains, you could be barred from public libraries, you could be sitting in the balcony at the movie theaters", she said.

Observances marking King's death were planned coast-to-coast.

[Screenshot: National Geographic]Bonn, Germany's Martin Luther King Strasse doesn't just memorialize the civil rights leader for his work in the U.S., National Geographic explains. "Hell be turning in his grave at this tweet", a tweet noted. Culp and Cosby were trying to give us instructions on how to carry ourselves and enact King's dream of being nonviolent. His hotel would later burn in the riots that followed.

Memphis Police spokesman Louis Brownlee says the department's aircraft estimated that as many as 10,000 or so had gathered for the march on Wednesday. He also sent a tweet about King's legacy.

"He was truly one of the most gifted orators and writers in the history of our nation".

Lee Saunders, a national labour leader, recounted how on that night in 1968, King made an unplanned appearance to deliver the famous speech without notes after his aides saw how passionate the crowd was: "There was one man they wanted to hear from".

"As a minority, they needed a coalition". They needed volunteers to help people find their way around campus, and I became an usher.

Reed said the efforts of Black Lives Matter today share more in common with the Black Power movement than King's end-of-life aims.

Too narrow a focus "makes it more complicated or hard to bring about the kind of change needed", Reed said. Best of all perhaps, to my ears, is the sublime song "Shed A Little Light" by James Taylor, where the opening line is "let us turn our thoughts today to Martin Luther King..."

"A mixed bag", Reed said.

First and foremost is the election and re-election of Barack Obama, our nation's first African-American president. King fought for equal rights, for basic human dignity and for economic justice.

Short excerpt from GLT's story.

"You do a disservice to #MLK's legacy", a Twitter user wrote.

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