Steve Wozniak shuts down his Facebook account in protest

Michele Moreno
April 11, 2018

Steve Wozniak is leaving Facebook over concerns about the social media's company's troubles protecting the privacy of its users that were heightened by the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the Apple cofounder told USA Today on Sunday.

It is facing a huge backlash over the Cambridge Analytica scandal, where the British-based political consultancy was able to harvest details of tens of millions of users behind their backs.

Steve said the reason he has opted out of Facebook is the manner in which the social media site tends to use the personal info of its users to maximize its ad potential. While Apple could of course make more money if it monetised its users, Cook states that they opted not to.

His statement also appears to be a response to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, who said last week that if Facebook stopped collecting data from users, it would be a paid service. "I did not feel that this is what people want done to them", added Wozniak. "Apple has more safe methods to share stuffs about users". "Ads and spam are bad things these days and there are no controls over them". He said he doesn't foresee Apple not allowing the Facebook app to be bought or downloaded on its phones but said he does not make those decisions for the company.

The list of protesters continues to grow as Facebook chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg prepares to testify to USA lawmakers next week. "I don't think at all that that means that we don't care about people".

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke about Facebook's troubles in March, saying Apple wouldn't have run into the same situation when asked how he would handle a crisis had he been in Zuckerberg's shoes.

Although WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, the company has claimed that it garners "very little data" from its users. "The reality here is that if you want to build a service that helps connect everyone in the world, then there are a lot of people who can't afford to pay".

He expressed his shock over the extent to which Facebook collects users' private information and also got rid of some of the advertisers before deleting his Facebook account.

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