Pair of former Minnesota Vikings to headline WrestleMania 34

Jenna Warner
April 10, 2018

After Brock lost his temper insiders said Vince went off and this led to the Universal title being thrown with full force in to a nearby wall by Lesnar. On Sunday, however, both Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar were in the spotlight on sports entertainment's biggest day of the year, WrestleMania.

With CM Punk out as any sort of option, which unannounced icon do you think might show up to WrestleMania 34? An absurd notion, considering WWE's obvious affection for Roman Reigns, the anointed standard-bearer for professional wrestling's largest company. Besides the 50-man Rumble and the Lesnar-Reigns rematch, Triple H will face off against Cena and the Intercontinental Title will be defended in a ladder match featuring Balor, Miz, Rollins, and the returning Samoa Joe. Rousey looked like a true star, making McMahon tap out to end the match.

Charlotte Flair and Asuka put on a fantastic display of pro wrestling with brilliant athleticism involved.

What are your thoughts on the announcement that Brock Lesnar has re-signed with WWE?

There will most likely be a "superstar shakeup" in the next few weeks, meaning wrestlers will change rosters from either Raw or Smackdown.

With White suggesting before Wrestlemania that Lesnar could have a shot at the victor of the July 7 bout between Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier, there are a few things to consider.

The Cruiserweight Championship match between Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali was a very solid match as most expected it to be to with some great storytelling involved as well.

Lesnar, as we know, takes absolute no prisoners and he fought his Universal title match last night as if he was still in the Octagon rather the squared circle. During the match Lesnar may have gone a bit in the wrong direction, and someone wasn't too happy with it.

A rumored match between John Cena and The Undertaker also came true at WrestleMania. WWE Network, the first-ever 24/7 over-the-top premium network that includes all live pay-per-views, scheduled programming and a massive video-on-demand library, is now available in more than 180 countries.

WWE 2K18: WrestleMania Edition is out now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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