German court orders Carles Puigdemont's release on bail

Michele Moreno
April 6, 2018

Spanish authorities accuse Mr Puigdemont of rebellion and misuse of public funds in organising an unauthorised referendum previous year on Catalonia's independence from Spain.

The Spanish Supreme Court is seeking his arrest on charges of rebellion and embezzlement of public funds linked to Catalonia's October 1 referendum on whether to secede.

The court said that because Puigdemont can't extradited for rebellion means he posed less of a flight risk and could be released on bail.

Responding to the ruling, a Spanish official said Mariano Rajoy's government respects judicial decisions "always, when it likes them and when it doesn't".

The court also chose to rule out the charge of rebellion, which Spain had included in the extradition request.

Puigdemont was detained in Germany on a Spanish arrest warrant as he attempted to drive from Finland to Belgium on March 25.

Spain has accused the former Catalan president of rebellion, but the court concluded that the closest equivalent to this in German law was high treason.

"There is a risk of flight", the court said in its explanation of its decision to grant bail.

Proceedings to decide whether to extradite him on corruption charges could continue, it said.

"That is not the case here", the court said in a statement.

Sanchez said in a letter from a Madrid jail published Thursday that he was ready to try again to be elected.

Former Catalan police Chief Josep Lluis Trapero was indicted today by Judge Carmen Lamela of the Spanish national court for his involvement in the independence movement.

The Spanish government's quelling of the October 1 independence referendum drew global condemnation and outrage, with footage of national police officers and members of the Civil Guardia seizing ballot boxes and violently dispersing voters going viral on social media.

Trapero was hailed in Catalonia as a local hero for the handling of deadly extremist attacks in and near Barcelona last summer.

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