Education Minister to consider future of school with one student

Michele Moreno
April 7, 2018

A study by the Morrison Institute for Public Policy showed that state teacher salary, adjusted for cost of living, still lags by more than $12,500 behind the national median.

Oklahoma is on its third day of strikes.

Protesters on Tuesday overwhelmed offices of their state representatives and jeered when Republican-controlled legislature refused to consider additional school funding.

Millar taught middle school, high school, and special education in Georgia for 28 years.

Even though the economy has improved, the education cuts have not been restored, prompting struggling teachers to fight back.

Students who are interested in becoming a mentor complete an application where they express their qualifications, such as having a positive attitude; a patient, understanding, and self-motivated personality; as well as a solid understanding of math. Mentored students are chosen based on teacher recommendations and the needs of the child.

Their protest has brought to light stories of teachers taking multiple jobs to make ends meet and classrooms in disrepair. But the state teachers union said the deal fell short and teachers walked out of the classroom on Monday. That kind of vigilance and focus is going to get in the way inevitably to the nurturing and supportive role that is the responsibility of the teacher.

"There has to be an investigation to see the true extent of this issue, unfortunately teachers will not readily admit they're out of work due to this issue". The average is just above $53,000 a year.

Following successful protests in West Virginia earlier this year, teachers in Oklahoma, Kentucky and Arizona have followed suit.

Last week, Fallin signed a bill that included the pay raise for teachers.

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