Nigerians Celebrate International Women's Day

Erica Murray
March 11, 2018

We don't need a day to celebrate being women! "And this is the opportunity for us to come together, not only to celebrate women and girls, but to take a really hard look at those issues, and why we haven't achieved gender equity yet".

He also talks about the stories of sexual violence that he heard, bringing home the reality of how women are treated differently and "are oppressed in every country in the world". That is why I am calling on everyone to do their part following International Women's Day by standing up for women all over the globe and contacting your representatives to ask that they co-sponsor the Global HER Act.

People also pointed out she doesn't practice what she's trying to preach and highlighted the fact that her factories are accused of women's rights violations. Our campaign began after Trump reinstated the Global Gag Rule in January 2017, and we have spent the previous year advocating for the Global HER (Health, Empowerment, and Rights) Act.

The first women's day was observed in February 1909. The increasing worldwide movement of women, which has been reinforced by 4 global women's conferences of United Nations, has assisted make the celebration a main factor to build support for women's participation and rights in the economic and political realms. According to estimates, 60 percent of South Asian and Sub-Saharan Africa women labor are in the agriculture sector in informal economies with no social or economic protection or rights. As a majority voting bloc, women have the power to achieve change in SC and advocate for gender equality. The WomenConnect Challenge will help women in these developing countries gain access to the digital technology that is so foundational for productivity and participation in the global economy. This comes a year after "A Day Without a Woman", a widespread strike by many working women in the United States who sought to show their impact and importance within their communities. Globally, the widest gaps between women and men exist in economic opportunity and political representation. When institutions and people talk about empowerment and development, rural women are forgotten, yet they play a pivotal role in ensuring that the activism and voices are counted and heard when it mattered the most.

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