Firefighter, journalist, Argentine among helicopter crash victims

Michele Moreno
March 14, 2018

The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating. The two friends were among five who died in a helicopter crash on Sunday. He says it looks like they deployed, but possibly not all of them until after the crash.

A senior law enforcement official told CNN that Vance believed one of the passengers' bags may have accidentally struck the chopper's emergency fuel shutoff button, which could have led to the crash, something that was not confirmed nor addressed by Dinh-Zarr. The official was briefed on the investigation but was not authorized to speak publicly about it and spoke Monday on condition of anonymity. The floats are supposed allow a helicopter to stay upright, rather than overturning and submerging. A witness speaking to the New York Post said that the helicopter disappeared beneath the water "in minutes". First of all, you have to wait until the copter is underwater to make sure the rotor is stopped. "[McDaniel] decided he wanted to help people" and set out to do it, said Cole Collins, a childhood friend from Dallas. The company declined comment due to the ongoing NTSB and FAA investigations.

Liberty Helicopters is referring all inquiries about Sunday's crash to federal authorities.

It's been revealed that one of the five people killed in a helicopter crash in New York City was a Butler University graduate named Daniel Thompson.

Cadigan, 26, was also a recent transplant to the city, moving in October to intern at Business Insider.

Hill moved to the city a few months ago to work as the director of operations at sightseeing company SightSy. His profile on the site says he was originally from Dallas.

One of the other victims gave the camera a thumbs-up. All five passengers died.

Carla Vallejos Blanco was tourist visiting from Argentina, according to the country's consulate.

Officials say McDaniel, 26, spent nearly two years with DFRD and was assigned to Fire Station 36. The 26-year-old firefighter had been with the department since May 2016.

The helicopter was being chartered for a photo shoot when it went down near Gracie Mansion, the mayoral residence. "There are lots of pictures, anytime anybody went to New York City they would then stop and want to visit with Daniel while they were there".

A NYPD scuba team is on site of a crash between a helicopter and an aircraft over the Hudson River, between NY and Hoboken, New Jersey, August 8, 2009.

National Transportation Safety Board officials on Monday said they are also looking into why the floatation devices installed on the helicopter did not stop it from sinking and whether the harnesses used to secure passengers on the sightseeing photography tour contributed to their deaths.

The pilot freed himself and was rescued by a tugboat.

Authorities said it took "awhile" for divers to get the passengers out, as their harnesses had to be cut in order to free them.

The charter helicopter was hired for a photo shoot.

Liberty organizes aerial tours of America's financial capital.

The helicopter crashed at 7:08 p.m. Sunday, moments after Vance radioed "mayday!" to the air traffic tower at LaGuardia International Airport and reported "engine failure". Pilot Richard Vance, 33, was the only person to make it out alive.

In 2011, a helicopter carrying a veteran pilot and four tourists crashed into the East River, killing three tourists.

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