Android P will let Autofill automatically work within web browsers

Marlene Weaver
March 9, 2018

Leaks indicate that the smartphone will get doubled as a Bluetooth keyboard or a mouse. Huawei also allows you to use some of its phones as a trackpad in its own PC mode.

One of the more interesting features that will be coming with Android P is the ability to use your phone as a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse.

Requiring root to use this feature makes it hard for a vast majority of users. That appears to be changing with the release of Android P as we were sent a tip by XDA Member 500 Internal Server Error that two commits finally enable Bluetooth HIDD. That patch was committed in December of 2016, however the functionality remained disabled for subsequent Android releases.

Android, by default, does not support implementing Bluetooth HID, which means app developers can not create apps utilizing the service to enable your smartphone to be used as a keyboard or mouse input device.

According to a report on XDADevelopers the Bluetooth Human Interface Device (HID) profile has been enabled in the latest version of the Android. It was quite the breakthrough, but of course, seemingly never legitimized or supported by Google and the Android team. However, native Bluetooth HID support in Android P would mean that all devices running the operating system can be used as input devices over Bluetooth without requiring rooting the device.

While there will likely be several additional new features added to Android P before it's released to the public this fall, it seems clear that Android P will not be a massive update.

This feature might offer a way to control workplace presentations or could act as a media remote.

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