Alexa owners creeped out as devices start randomly laughing

Nettie James
March 8, 2018

Reports are surfacing of Amazon virtual assistant devices laughing at random times.

Amazon responded to requests for comment by saying that the company was aware of the issue and is now "working to fix it".

Posting on Twitter, Alexa users have described the laugh as "creepy", "evil", "bone-chilling" and "freaky". "So my mom & I are just sitting in the living room, neither of us said a word & our Alexa lit up and laughed for no reason", tweeted one woman, Taylor Wade, on 5 March. They should have saved this "Alexa laugh" for Halloween.

Why it was programmed into Alexa, what the laugh is supposed to come in response to and why it's suddenly popping up at random times on some users' Alexa's isn't known.

The speakers use always-listening microphones to detect phrases like "Alexa", and some people worry that they could be collecting additional data that could be used by marketers or even law enforcement. Others reported hearing the laughter when they were home alone in the dark.

The unprompted laughter was a trending topic on Twitter for a while.

Deezer for Amazon Alexa will be available in the US, UK and Germany and all other territories with both Deezer and Alexa are supported.

Over the past week, many owners of the Amazon Echo are claiming their handy virtual assistant has been creeping them out with random fits of odd laughter.

Though third-party devices work with Alexa, the laughter issue seems to be limited to the Echo and the smaller Echo Dot.

Amazon had no comment on what, exactly, the problem is, or when it might be fixed.

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