US, Pakistan Pursuing Own Interests in The Afghan War: Karzai

Michele Moreno
February 8, 2018

In an interview with Associated Press, Karzai said that Afghanistan is still in awful shape sixteen years after the US-led intervention that toppled the Taliban regime.

The sum includes some 13 billion dollars for USA forces deployed in the country, five billion dollars for the Afghan troops and 780 million dollars for economic and logistic support, Randall Schriver, the assistant secretary of Defence for Asian and Pacific security affairs, told the Senate, as quoted by The Hill media outlet.

Early last month, the USA government announced it was suspending security assistance to the Pakistani military until it took "decisive action" against the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani network that are operating in neighboring Afghanistan.

"Both from the political perspective and responsibility perspective, Afghanistan is now in a legal vacuum, this indicates that the situation is not too good, but it is very bad", said Ahmad Wali Massoud, head of the Massoud Foundation.

Trump has ramped up pressure on Pakistan this year, suspending up to $2 billion in military aid to Islamabad after accusing it of failing to crack down on militants who launch cross-border attacks on USA and Afghan forces.

"Indians want to do business in Afghanistan, and ultimately as we've urged (Afghan) President (Ashraf) Ghani, the bilateral relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan has to improve".

In a matter of weeks, the USA -led forces overthrow the Taliban, in power since 1996.

Karzai called it a USA creation and said it "undermined Afghan democracy and the Afghan constitution". "We appreciate these contributions, and we look forward for more ways to work with India to promote economic growth and security in Afghanistan", Sullivan said. "We want to have security", Karzai said. "They have Russian Federation as a revitalized, re-energized great power on the world scene, and they feel threatened and challenged". The use of terrorism has no place in a rules-based global system.

Karzai said Washington wants to establish permanent bases in Afghanistan to project power in the region, while Pakistan wants to turn Afghanistan into a client state. Public sentiment also runs against the presence of foreigners in the country along with the Kabul government, which is perceived as deeply corrupt and incompetent.

Mohammed Daoud comes every day for the 300 Afghanis - roughly $4 - that he sometimes earns. The elections reflect the will of the Afghan people and create an inclusive government.

Karzai said Afghans have to retake their country. "They are killing people left and right, innocent people".

Trump also stated that the authority of US troops to target terrorists in Afghanistan would be expanded and approved sending an additional 4,000 troops to the country.

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