Kate Upton Tumbles Off A Rock In Scary Ocean Shoot Footage

Jenna Warner
February 17, 2018

The editor of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue, MJ Day, can be heard panicking in the background before she rushed over.

If you're not familiar with the name Danielle Herrington, now's the time to catch up.

Aly Raisman is using a nude photo shoot for Sports Illustrated's 2018 swimsuit issue to make a statement about abuse, female empowerment and other topics that are close to the Olympian's heart.

Some Instagram users noted the odd predicament Kate found herself in: when one of the crew tried to help her get off the rock by extending his hand, she had to throw decorum to the wind (and waves) by revealing her breasts. "I remember just having a little coffee".

Given the controversy, it does need to be noted that Sports Illustrated have included a diverse range of women to feature this year, from traditional models like Kate Upton and Alexis Ren, to the more muscular physique of athletes like tennis player, Sloane Stephens.

How old is Kate Upton, is she married and how many times has she appeared on Sports Illustrated's cover?

She wrote: "The next coming wave didn't look that large from my point of view but it must have hit the rock just right".

"The skirt, whenever it's wet with all the tools, is very heavy, and it dragged me down". Fortunately, the good-natured model took it all in stride and laughed off the accident. "Because my adrenaline was going, I survived and I felt like I was laughing in the face of death".

While the photo of Culpo on the floor strategically hides anything overly NSFW, the second photo is full on shot of her bare backside. Superstar singer Beyoncé fronted the 2007 issue, 10 years after Tyra Banks became the first black model to grace the cover. Upton spoke to Time magazine about the inappropriate behaviour that occurred on the set of her first Guess Lingerie campaign in 2010. Watch the emotional moment Danielle Herrington finds out she's our #SISwim 2018 cover model. Danielle also makes history with this shoot, as she is only the third black woman to make the cover since the franchise's foundation in 1964.

Banks appeared on the cover in 1997 and the singer Beyonce Knowles appeared on it in 2005, Sports Illustrated said.

The magazine is now available on newsstands.

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