Chinese police use facial recognition glasses to find crooks

Ray Weaver
February 10, 2018

China just leveled up its security by providing its police force with facial recognition glasses. They also identified 26 people attempting to travel using other people's IDs, according to Chinese state media reports.

This gadget, according to Shanghaiist via Medium, was put to the test earlier this week at the Zhengzhou Railway Station in central China's Henan Province.

The sunglasses are being trialed during the Lunar New Year at train stations in Zhengzhou, a metropolis in northeast China with a population nearing 10 million.

The country is working hard to develop the technology to match someone's face with their ID with 90% accuracy.

The facial recognition technology allows police officers to take a photograph of a suspicious individual and then compare it with pictures stored in an internal database. If a person's face is found, their name and address are sent to the officer. If there is a false match problem, the consequences could be bad.

William Nee, China researcher at Amnesty International, told the newspaper that the new surveillance tool could also give Chinese authorities the ability to track political dissidents and to profile ethnic minorities.

"On the one hand, as the Chinese government claims, this technology could indeed potentially help decrease crime at train stations, and improve public safety". Or, as Sophie Richardson of Human Rights Watch put it a year ago: "It is frightening that Chinese authorities are collecting and centralising ever more information about hundreds of millions of ordinary people, identifying persons who deviate from what they determine to be 'normal thought, ' and then surveilling them".

Numerous cameras use artificial intelligence, including facial recognition technology.

The People's Daily reported that the eyeglass-mounted camera is equipped with facial-recognition technology capable of "highly effective screening" of crowds for fugitives traveling under false pretenses.

So the next time, you see a police officer in black tinted glasses be aware of them.

These glasses were developed by the Chinese-based company LLVision Technology Co, and they reflect China's growing and seemingly unending desire to advance its AI endeavours.

Given that they're getting their face images from a preloaded database, LLVisions's facial recognition glasses don't seem all that threatening.

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