Two dead in protests over Pakistan girl's rape and murder

Michele Moreno
January 12, 2018

Opposition Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto termed the brutal rape and murder of the girl as "shocking and a slap on the face of Sharifdom (Sharif brothers)".

The popular anchor said she was left distraught and pained after hearing the news of the heinous rape-murder of the minor girl in eastern Pakistan's Kasur town.

The minor had been staying with her aunt as her parents travelled to Saudi Arabia. The girl was strangled to death after being raped.

Five days after the kidnapping, on January 9, the girl's body was found on a garbage heap in the city, and the autopsy revealed that she was raped before being strangled to death.

"They have thrown stones on the buildings of the government hospital, police and deputy commissioner's office..."

On Wednesday, Zainab was laid to rest even as massive and violent protests and riots rocked Kasur.

Two people were killed and three others wounded as demonstrators clashed with police in Kasur on Wednesday, hours before Zainab's funeral.

Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif also instructed authorities to immediately arrest the culprits.

Lawyers boycotted judicial proceedings at district bar in protest and demanded early action into the matter.

Lahore High Court Chief Justice Mansoor Ali Shah also took notice of the incident and summoned reports from the Kasur sessions judge and police officials.

Zainab's family told local media they believe police failed to adequately respond after they reported their daughter missing on January 4.

The girl went missing last week while going to a nearby home for Koranic studies.

Regional police officer Zulfiqar Hameed said that they are investigating the case and till now, four people have been arrested and one killed during an arrest attempt.

The investigations into the rape-cum-murder case of eight-year-old girl that surfaced in Kasur indicated that a serial killer was behind all the eight cases reported in the district since 2015.

Pakistanis expressed their shock on social media using the hashtag "justiceforZainab".

"The condemnable and horrific rape of the minor had once again exposed how vulnerable children are", he tweeted. According to reuters, this is not the first time such incident has been reported from Kasur.

The Govt and Concerned security institutions have to act swiftly to punish the guilty and ensure that children are better protected and the government must be mindful of its responsibility to protect the life, honour and property of the masses.

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