The Shining Sequel DOCTOR SLEEP Gets Director

Jenna Warner
January 28, 2018

Flanagan co-wrote and directed the 2017 Netflix movie, which stars Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood. This must be a triumphant moment for Flanagan, who stated late past year that Doctor Sleep was one of his dream Stephen King adaptations, saying, "Who wouldn't want to venture back into the world of Danny Torrance?".

In the Doctor Sleep novel, Danny grows up tormented by the events at the Overlook Hotel and has followed in his father's alcoholic footsteps. On one hand, Doctor Sleep isn't especially good. Of course Kubrick's film was a purposeful departure from King's novel, so Flanagan will have the added challenge of pleasing both King readers and fans of the Kubrick film. Flanagan's producing partner Trevor Macy will produce along with Vertigo Entertainment's Jon Berg, and Goldsman is executive producer. But the main story of the novel can be told without dwelling on Danny's past.

After the massive success of last year's big screen King adaptation, It, Warner Bros. was reportedly eager to greenlight another potential hitmaker. He's become a reflection of his murderous father, with lingering rage and a drinking problem that dulls his pain as well as his "shining" powers. He quickly establishes a psychic connection with a young girl who shares his abilities and is being targeted by a powerful group with similar abilities. Both have led to the dilution of his "Shining" powers, which slowly begin to re-emerge as Danny turns to sobriety, and uses them to help hospice patients.

Flanagan has a lot of experience in horror, directing Absentia, Hush, Before I Wake, and Ouija: Origin of Evil. The latter was adapted into a hit movie starring Jack Nicholson in 1980.

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