Someone is attacking Apple buses outside of San Francisco

Nettie James
January 19, 2018

The incidents involving the Apple and Google buses were confirmed by California Highway Patrol officer Art Montiel. Mashable confirmed with Apple that the incidents were happening but the company did not say how the buses were being damaged; presumably someone is throwing objects (rocks?) to break the glass.

Doug Bloch, a representative for the Teamsters unit, said that only the outer layer of the buses' double-paned windows cracked, suggesting that the projectiles lacked the force of bullets.

Apple told employees in an email Tuesday night seen by Reuters that buses would take a new route that would add as much as 30 minutes to 45 minutes to the commute in each direction. "We're working closely with law enforcement to investigate these incidents and we'll notify you as soon as the coaches are able to return to the regular route", read the email, by Mashable.

The motive of these attacks is still unclear, but this isn't the first time buses used by Silicon Valley giants have been vandalized.

Interestingly, the buses involved in this latest incident don't include branding indicating they come from a major tech corporation. Google, too, is rerouting its shuttles from the highway as a result. But, according to The Guardian, the buses can be easily identified by the colors they are painted: blue for Facebook, silver for Apple and white for Google.

The protests that took place in 2013 and 2014 were prompted by gentrification in the Bay Area, due to the high salaries of tech company employees, and also by anger over surveillance and automation. No one was injured in any of the attacks. The windows of the buses were smashed in the incident and although, no casualty was reported.

Montiel even said that there is no assurance that Apple or Google are actually being targeted, as the buses are unmarked.

The shuttle buses were not marked with the logo of the tech company using them.

Redwood City CHP is now working with Apple and Google to identify the sources of the past week's attacks.

Silicon Valley's biggest companies are under attack.

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