Nintendo Switch Sold-Through 1.5 Million Units This December In USA

Nettie James
January 19, 2018

Last week Microsoft revealed the Xbox One bested the PS4 in December, but ultimately came in second to the Nintendo Switch, and now The Big N has revealed some details of their own. If you've ever wondered why Nintendo refuses to give up on the 3DS now that the more capable Switch is on the scene, well, there you go. Today, Nintendo revealed some of its sales numbers in the United States, and the 3DS - which many predicted would die out following the launch of the Switch - actually saw a jump in sales. In fact, the Switch managed to take the top-selling console spot for the entire month, having moved 1.5 million units.

This NPD report lines up with Nintendo's internal sales figures that pegged the Switch as the fastest-selling home console in US history earlier this month.

Worldwide, 3DS hardware has sold more than 69 million units, meaning it still has some catching up to do to reach the Nintendo DS, which sold more than 154 million units, and Game Boy, which sold more than 118 million units.

The holiday season, especially the month of December, is chock-full of people buying consoles for themselves and for their wee little children.

All current versions of the 3DS (including 2DS) moved over 750,000 units altogether, which made it the best December for the line in four years since 2014.

Nintendo had a good month on the software front too, with games like Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild all ranking within NPD's top 10 chart.

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