Nelly Countersues Rape Accuser, Claims She Lied to Get Him Arrested

Jenna Warner
January 28, 2018

Nelly previously said he intends to sue Greene, who accused him of rape, but has not commented on the new allegations against him.

Nelly filed a countersuit in Seattle on Friday asking for the woman accusing him of rape to dismiss her defamation suit and strike claims that he sexually assaulted her and two other women. After some time, the woman says, Nelly suddenly grabbed her leg and put his hand up her dress without her consent.

According to court documents, the 43-year-old claimed Greene made her way the the VIP section of the club he was playing at, and started enthusiastically flirting with him. In an amendment to the injunction against "Nelly (and his penis)" to prevent him from harming other women, new details have been unveiled about the accusers' encounters.

Both allegations are included in an amended complaint filed Monday (Jan. 22) by Greene's attorney Karen Koehler.

In the second anonymous allegation, a woman identified as "Jane Doe No. 2" and a mother of three alleges that last December, she and a group of friends attended a Nelly show in Essex, England. There, she says he took her to a private room and allegedly masturbated in front of her, forced her hand on his penis and made her perform oral sex on him. After Greene left the tour bus she called for an Uber and then called police to report the incident resulting in Nelly's arrest for rape.

After the alleged attack, she said was thrown off the bus by a member of Nelly's entourage.

Meanwhile, Nelly's girlfriend is standing by her man. Shantel Jackson went on social media to refute Greene's claims of sexual assault. Nelly claims Greene became "aggressive and disruptive" and was asked to leave.

This comes after Nelly reportedly admitted to having unprotected s*x with Monique Green, but says it was consensual. "This isn't amusing. This is a real nasty litigation that's going on now.They have chosen to go after her in a way that I have never really seen", Koehler said of the woman.

Prosecutors dropped their case because the woman wasn't co-operating with authorities.

He has since threatened to file his own lawsuit against Greene for slander. "The agenda is money, fame and notoriety".

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