Korea drops renegotiation plan for 'comfort women' deal

Michele Moreno
January 10, 2018

Japan rejected South Korea's call Tuesday for additional efforts to help wartime "comfort women", insisting that it will not do anything beyond what it has agreed to under a 2015 bilateral agreement that sought to put the issue to rest. The Games are to be held in the South Korean city of Pyeongchang.

"President Moon should first apologize for breaking his election promise", party spokeswoman Lee Heang-ja said.

However, throughout the course of negotiations, the usage of the term has been distorted to emphasize instead the final conclusion of the comfort women question, spurring criticisms that South Korea was dragged into Japan's intentions.

But Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha said the South Korean government plans to match the ¥1 billion ($8.8 million) provided by the Japanese government under the deal with its own contribution and discuss what to do with the Japanese funds.

Statues erected to pay honor to these "comfort women" draw the ire of the Japanese government, the right wing forces of which have been trying ardently to whitewash its war time atrocities.

In Tokyo, Foreign Minister Taro Kono told reporters, "We can't accept any request at all from South Korea for Japan to take further measures".

A Japanese government spokesman says after the two Koreas agreed to resume long-stalled talks that Japan will do what's necessary to keep up pressure on North Korea to give up its weapons programs.

South Korea's top negotiator on North Korea's nuclear issues will visit Washington this week to share assessments on the latest developments involving the North, the foreign ministry said Tuesday.

In 2015, when there were 47, 36 accepted the settlement, a the official said.

"Third, the 2015 agreement on the issue of the Japanese military wartime sex slavery victims can not be a genuine solution as it did not reflect the opinions of the elderly women". "The ministry will urge Japan to take responsible measures toward this wrongful agreement based on the seriousness of the issue and universal principles of humanitarianism". Japan sees this as a violation of South Korea's promise not to criticize the country over the comfort women issue in the worldwide community.

He suggested that Japan will file a protest through diplomatic channels in Tokyo and Seoul.

A South Korean investigation appointed by the government concluded last month that the dispute over the women could not be " fundamentally resolved" because the victims' demand for legal compensation had not been met.

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