IPhone Battery Explodes in Chinese Man's Face After He Bites It

Marlene Weaver
January 25, 2018

Several news reports have speculated that he may have been trying to verify the battery's authenticity. However, it is still unclear exactly why the battery exploded. A Chinese man learned his lesson the hard way when he wanted to authenticate an iPhone battery before replacing it. As indicated by the site Digital Trends, there exists three primary reasons that cause a smartphone battery breakdown i.e. overcharging, overheating and applying heavy pressure to the device.

There are more than one way to feel like an Olympic victor and pose with a gold medal, but biting into your smartphone battery is definitely not one of them.

If you're ever anxious your smartphone battery is a fake, here's a tip: don't bite into it. A footage caught on the surveillance camera at an electronics store shows the man taking the battery up to his mouth for a quick bite, before it exploded into a ball of fire. Did the battery explode because it's fake or it got damaged with the teeth force as shown in the video? Although the phone blast next to the man's face, fortunately, none were injured or hurt.

As a show of good faith, Apple is offering cheap battery replacements to all users with compatible handsets, but is now experiencing stock shortages. So proved a Chinese man this week, when he tried to test the authenticity of an iPhone he tried to purchase.

An Iphone 7 Plus is displayed at Puerta del Sol Apple Store on September 16, 2016 in Madrid, Spain.

"When we did put [the speed-sapping software update] out, we did say what it was but I don't think a lot of people were paying attention", Cook said.

iPhones are considered as the most sophisticated and quality mobile phones in the current world market.

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