India strongly condemns Kabul terror attack

Michele Moreno
January 27, 2018

An attack in December on a cultural center killed at least 41 people.

Reports say at least 17 people have been killed and 100 others have been wounded, with officials describing it as a "massacre".

Police had identified the auto bomb before the detonation but had hoped to push it away from the crowd when the suicide bomber detonated the explosives, according to Afghan news network Ariana.

A group of insurgnents launched a coordinated attack on Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul city on the night of 20th January sparking a clash that lasted for nearly 15 hours, leaving several people dead including many foreigners.

Witnesses reported that the blast shattered windows of surrounding buildings and caused some smaller buildings to collapse.

He added that four suspects have been arrested and are being questioned.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the blast which was situated in an area near foreign embassies and government buildings, officials said.

Saturday's terror attack in the Afghan capital followed the terror attack on children and civilians in Jalalabad area earlier this week. At the scene, dozens of vehicles were damaged or destroyed. It destroyed many nearby shops.

The driver was reportedly able to pass through an initial security checkpoint by claiming he was transporting a patient. This could amount to perfidy under IHL.

Kabul has been the site of numerous bombing attacks claimed by the Islamic State group and the Taliban over the a year ago.

The explosion comes exactly a week after Taliban militants stormed a luxury hotel in Kabul, killing at least 22 people, the majority foreigners. Some 150 guests fled the gun battle and fire sparked by the assault by shimmying down bedsheets from the upper floors. The US state department said multiple American citizens were killed and injured in the attack.

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