BlackBerry Wants To Keep Smart Cars Secure With 'Jarvis'

Nettie James
January 17, 2018

The yesteryear star mobile manufacturer and software maker BlackBerry has launched a cybersecurity software system which will which help to identify the vulnerabilities in the programs used in the self-driving cars.

But because Blackberry rather made a mess of its smartphone prowess, failing to keep enterprising rappers from sticking with BBM when Apple came along waving its iPhones and iMessage, Blackberry will be looking at potentially pushing Jarvis into the healthcare and industrial sectors.

The product, named Blackberry Jarvis, is a cloud-base static binary code scanning solution.

Once a auto company signs up for Jarvis, it can be customized for their own needs across their entire software supply chain, letting vehicle companies scan files for problems at all stages of development.

The automakers will have online access to Jarvis after initiation which will allow them to scan files at every stage of software development.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen described Jarvis as "one of a kind" offering that is easy to use as well as being scalable and cost-effective for manufacturers of all sizes.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen
BlackBerry CEO John Chen

This includes the ability to evaluate new software under consideration as well as existing software in production.

According to BlackBerry, the motoring industry's software supply chains create compelling use cases that Jarvis can work in.

The Canadian firm has been trying to turn around its business by focusing on software and services. Even better news is they've already started trialling it with some of the biggest vehicle makers in the world, including Jaguar Land Rover. The development teams will have immediate access to the vulnerabilities through user-friendly dashboards with specific cautions and advisories.

He said carmakers "must ensure the code complies with industry and manufacturer-specific standards while simultaneously battle-hardening a very large and tempting attack surface for cybercriminals". "BlackBerry Jarvis addresses the software cybersecurity needs of the automotive industry".

JLR said Jarvis reduced the time for its code security assessment from thirty days to seven minutes.

In September it announced it would partner with auto supplier Delphi Automotive Plc on a software operating system for self-driving cars.

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