YouTube reportedly launching new paid music streaming service in March 2018

Nettie James
December 10, 2017

Right now there's no rumored price point for the cost if this new service, and there likely won't be until it gets closer to the rumored launch date.

You might be able to find music on YouTube, but the company has chose to release a dedicated platform only for music streaming. Google introduced audio-only streaming service Google Play Music in 2011. The device will arrive with Amazon's online music streaming service, i.e., Amazon Music Unlimited which is much simplified in the United States and many more countries. The move comes as Pandora loses ground to Apple Music and Spotify, analysts say. YouTube Red, which used to be YouTube Music Key, has a $9.99 a month cost and it's possible that YouTube will try to charge the same amount.

YouTube is referring to this music streaming service internally as Remix and is said to include the on-demand streaming as in Spotify along with the YouTube-only elements such as video clips. Moreover, it will provide more revenue to music labels that have been pushing for more money from the video site. Called Remix, it will be a consolidation of their current services YouTube Red and Google Play Music.

According to the initial report YouTube is in talks with multiple record labels including Sony Entertainment Group, Universal, and Merlin which is a collective of multiple independent labels.

Google wants a piece of the pie that Spotify and Apple Music are now enjoying. This way, YouTube might overcome the criticism accusing it of not offering enough benefits to artists and labels by streaming their music for free, but with ads.

Some other reports also suggest that, YouTube will merge the YouTube Red's subscription with this Remix platform so the users who have subscribed to YouTube Red will be able to explore the platform simultaneously. Lyor Cohen, formerly of Warner Music Group, has been acting as a liaison to the industry and overseeing the project.

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