Tips to avoid frozen pipes as mercury continues to drop

Jenna Warner
December 31, 2017

"You can do fiberglass too, just make sure it's sealed up, you obviously probably wouldn't wanna do that outside because it gets exposed to the elements so on and so forth, so I like the foam a little bit better".

She recommended, "Really just turning off the water to the entire home because if it happens, it can be detrimental". Your homes water service comes through this non insulated area. Look in the basement, crawl space, attic, garage, and under kitchen and bathroom cabinets. We encourage customers to take the following precautions to reduce freezing or bursting pipes, as well as any damage to the water meter.

Keep garage doors closed if there are water supply lines in the garage. Be sure to move any harmful cleaners and household chemicals up out of the reach of children.

Tryjankowski says trickling your water all night long can also help if you think your pipes are in danger of freezing.

-If your heat goes out, keep warm by closing off rooms you don't need and dress in layers of lightweight clothing and to prevent frozen water pipes.

If you find your pipes are frozen, you can call a plumber, phone the City at 311 or try to fix it yourself. If you have a separate shutoff valve for the outside faucet, turn it off and drain the lines.

Keep the faucet open. This leak may not be detected until the frozen pipe thaws. Running water through the pipe will help melt ice in the pipe.

Mayor Rich David issued some tips for residents on ways to prevent frozen pipes.

If pipes do freeze and the customer can locate the frozen area, use a hair dryer or heat tape to thaw the area.

With freezing temperatures heading our way there are a few steps you should be taking now to protect your pipes and avoid an expensive disaster. The video is from several years ago in an vacant home.

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