Israel Welcomes Guatemala's Announcement on Future Embassy Move

Michele Moreno
December 26, 2017

Guatemala's leader made the announcement on Christmas Eve, three days after two-thirds of UN member states rejected Trump's decision to have the United States recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Israel's ambassador to Guatemala, Matty Cohen, said on Army Radio that no date had been set for the embassy move, "but it will happen after" the United States relocates its own embassy to Jerusalem.

No other country has their embassy for Israel in Jerusalem, though the Czech Republic has said it is considering such a move. "So far we have only seen the beginning", she said.

The fresh violence came a day after the U.N. General Assembly resolution denouncing Trump's decision, largely ignoring his threat to cut off aid to any country that went against him.

"God bless you, my friend, President Morales", Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement, referring to his Guatemalan counterpart, Jimmy Morales.

Guatemala was one of just nine countries to vote against last week's U.N. General Assembly resolution denouncing President Donald Trump's recent recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and plans to move the US embassy there.

'The state of Palestine will act with regional and global partners to oppose this illegal decision'. Morales gave no timetable for when the Guatemalan embassy will move.

Guatemala and Israel have long had close ties, especially in security matters and Israeli arms sales to Guatemala.

'The state of Palestine considers this as a flagrant act of hostility against the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people and global law, ' it said.

Israel claims all of Jerusalem as its eternal and undivided capital while the Palestinians want East Jerusalem as the capital of a future state.

Recognising Jerusalem as Israel's capital puts the U.S. out of step with the rest of the world, and legitimises Israeli settlement-building in the east - considered illegal under global law.

No country now has its embassy in Jerusalem, instead keeping them in the Israeli commercial capital Tel Aviv.

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