First CT flu death of the season confirmed

Ray Weaver
December 12, 2017

So far this year, the predominant strain of flu is H3N2. However, only about one-third of those tested to be actual cases of the flu, and almost all of those confirmed flu cases were indeed one of the three strains targeted by the current flu shot serum.

Last year, flu remained widespread for 16 weeks, or through the beginning of April.

Since Sept. 1, 40 per cent of the influenza cases were in the 20- to 64-year-old category, 30 per cent were seniors, 20 per cent were school age children and 10 per cent were preschool age.

As well, MedExpress noted that it has practices in 18 states.

"They have a less tropical climate, one that's more like ours", Patel said in a news release.

MSHA officials joined Shelton in urging people to get flu vaccines.

"The strain that's been detected as the primary circuiting strain of flu virus can cause more severe illness than some of the other strains", Wiese said.

"This is more typical of what we see most years", Shahab said.

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Most of the influenza viruses characterized during this time were genetically or antigenically similar to the 2017-2018 Northern Hemisphere cell-grown vaccine references viruses. The serum that is created for the new season's flu shots is based upon educated guesses and projections.

The department's website tracks flu activity statewide.

While Shelton also said it's too soon to tell about the flu season and the vaccine's effectiveness, she did note that there's concern over reports from Australia, which is now at the end of its flu season, about a severe outbreak.

The flu season is declared under-way once we have reached an above-average number of people with influenza symptoms (i.e. more than 2.2 percent of people).

Flu numbers across the metro are seeing a spike, thanks in part to this year's flu vaccine simply not being as effective as in years past.

She said getting that yearly flu shot is your best weapon.

The shots are also administered at Panhandle Health Districts Care Plus Clinics.

"A common myth is that the flu shot can give you the flu", said Swift. The flu vaccine can not give you the flu.

Many GP practices hold large flu vaccination clinics. When your immune system kicks into gear making antibodies, your body's natural response can involve fatigue, soreness and even mild fever.

There's also the other method of self-defense: Washing hands.

To help make the flu shot experience easier, officials advise that individuals can take Tylenol or ibuprofen if they experience mild side effects from the vaccine, which typically last a day or two.

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