Watch Donald Trump pardon turkeys

Michele Moreno
November 23, 2017

Last year's turkeys, Tater and Tot, also live there.

President Donald Trump will be giving two pardons on Tuesday - and this time it won't involve a controversial figure like former Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Drumstick and Wishbone have been living their best lives in Washington, D.C., since they checked into the five-star Willard InterContinental Hotel on Monday.

Trump pointed out the first time the federation presented a turkey to Harry Truman, the former president declined to give the bird a pass in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday. However, I have been informed by the White House councils office that Tater and Tot pardons can not under any circumstances be revoked'.

"Oh I think Drumpstick is going to be very happy".

"Please stand what a great job you've done", Trump said.

Watch Donald Trump pardon turkeys: time, live stream and what to expect

"Tator and Tot you can rest easy", Trump added.

"Today in the spirit of thanksgiving".

Barron Trump joins his father as the president pardons Drumstick, the national Thanksgiving turkey, in the Rose Garden at the White House on November 21, 2017. But Drumstick and his pal Wishbone just might be the most thankful of all.

While Drumstick checked out the Rose Garden, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders brought Wishbone into the briefing room.

Sanders was referring to a poll the White House posted on Twitter, asking people to vote on which turkey Trump would pardon in the ceremony.

Shouted one reporter: "Thanks for the gaggle".

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