Trump Jr.'s Halloween-Inspired Attack On Socialism Draws Fabulous Ridicule

Michele Moreno
November 2, 2017

Donald Junior's tweet got lots of traction and so did the comments people made - highlighting everything from poor grammar to the contradiction of using the example of getting something for free (Halloween candy) to sharing, socialism and capitalism.

According to the tweet, Trump said he planned to use Halloween as an opportunity to illustrate the principles of "socialism" - by confiscating half of her candy to "give it to some kid who sat at home". "Man who inherited money from his father, has lessons on making it on your own". Never too early to teach her about her grandfather's tax code.

Weinstein, a journalist, was referring to President Donald Trump's so far unfulfilled promise to send a $25,000 check to the family of a soldier killed in Afghanistan.

Stevenson said she and Wolfers - an economics "power couple" according to the New York Times - even levy a kind of "tax" on her kids by asking them to turn in some portion of their candy for their parents to control: "Those taxes are used to smooth their consumption over time (they would eat too much today and not have enough during candy dry spells)", she wrote. That includes the candy his daughter received from relative strangers tonight, as well as whatever candy might befall a child who didn't go trick-or-treating (who Trump seems to think is lazy and doesn't deserve it??). Chloe was dressed as a police officer. His daughter Kai's costume was ambiguous, consisting of a yellow hat, a yellow t-shirt over a pink polo, and a cape.

"Taking it to the next level #merica #maga #halloween #costume #nyc #kids #trump", he captioned an Instagram post showing off his look while posing with his children.

Still, at the end of the day, we all know that Trump Jr. was just having a laff. "They also let anyone in to see it".

There is also of course, the irony that Halloween, literally a handout.

To which Trump Jr. replied: "That's cute".

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