Hillary Clinton: I'm thinking of dressing up as the president for Halloween

Michele Moreno
November 1, 2017

Some of those in attendance at the Auditorium Theatre remarked on the timing of Clinton's visit, which came on the same day as charges against President Trump's former campaign manager were disclosed.

Trick or treat. It's President Hillary Clinton.

The Fox News host deranged rant came after the network was criticized for not talking about Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation on President Donald Trump administration.

Yep, he called Hillary Clinton the President on air.

Organizers said there would be no speech or presentation and attendees were required to put away all phones and other devices before approaching the former presidential candidate and secretary of State.

Donald Trump, Jr. threw shade at Hillary Clinton for a joke she made on Monday about dressing up as the president for Halloween.

"This is what the media will ignore, this is what matters, these are the facts, this is where the evidence comes in", Hannity said. "President Obama, and key members of the administration, what did they know about the Uranium One scandal?"

The accusation has been pushed by Trump during his presidential campaign.

In response, the former secretary of state let out a cackle, but she didn't say she meant to go as a witch.

"Oh well, I have to start thinking about it".

But still, when Hillary joked that Fox News seems to think she's the one living in the White House, she might've been onto something.

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