Freakish iOS bug turns "I" into "A" with a symbol

Marlene Weaver
November 8, 2017

Some users say when they type a lower case "i" the auto correct feature changes it to an upper case "A" with a question mark.

If you updated your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iOS 11.1 and find that when you type the letter "i" it autocorrects to the letter "A" with a symbol, learn what to do.

Apple is reportedly working on a fix that will be rolled out in the next iOS 11 update.

How does Apple Pay Cash work? It is not clear why it only affects some users on iOS 11.1 and not others.

You can also completely disable the "Auto-Correction" feature of the iOS platform to impose the letters you type on your keyboard.

When Apple announced iOS 11, it spent a lot of time explaining Apple Pay Cash, a new peer-to-peer service that allowed friends to exchange money over iMessage. Some users have reported that a lower-case "I" character is appearing in the emoji picker, while others are seeing the unusual unicode character where a normal "I" is written.

A consortium of banks, including Bank of America, Capital One, Citi, Chase, TD Bank, U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo among others, recently partnered to create their own service called Zelle as part of their own bid for this lucrative market.

The technical glitch comes at a bad time for Apple.

Here the user can resort to text replacement.

Apple also uses machine learning to identify new words that are being used by its customers - for example, the name "Harambe", which entered common usage after the shooting of a gorilla in Cincinnati Zoo - and syncs those words to iOS and macOS devices. Posts such as "iOS 11.1 freaking sucks, it really kills battery life".

Apple Pay Cash is integrated into the Messages app, meaning you can send and receive money as you would a text message.

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