Viral video of man being dragged from United flight get officers fired

Javier Howell
October 19, 2017

Two other officers were suspended for their actions. After initially defending the flight crew's decision to have Dao forcefully removed, United CEO Oscar Munoz publicly apologized for the incident, and vowed the airline never again would have police remove a paid customer from a plane if passengers won't give up their seats voluntarily when United crew members need to get on a plane. Evans said aviation security officers would still be able to board planes in medical emergencies. The doctor, David Dao, suffered a broken nose, the loss of two teeth, and a concussion in an event that went viral on the Internet after it was captured by passengers' mobile phones.

CNN reports that the employees - three Department of Aviation security officers and a sergeant - were found by the city's Office of Inspector General to have "mishandled a nonthreatening situation that resulted in a physically violent forcible removal of a passenger". The officers made misleading statements and "deliberately removed material facts from their reports", the investigation found.

Another resigned and a fourth official was briefly suspended in the O'Hare International Airport episode, in which Dao had refused to give up his seat on a flight to Louisville that was overbooked.

Based on those findings, the aviation department fired one of the officers and the sergeant for escalating the incident. In July, it decided the Chicago Police Department would respond to airport disturbance calls over security officers.

The aviation department is reviewing its policies and procedures and is expected to file a report early next year. They also planned to remove the word "police" from aviation security uniforms and vehicles and improve training.

The latter two had been causing "false statements" and "significant omissions" for the other.

One officer was sacked for escalating "a non-threatening situation into a physically violent one" and for the injuries caused by his "excessive force".

Dao has already settled with United for an undisclosed amount. The scene had been filmed by other passengers, made the rounds of the web and led to a wave of global condemnation.

Dao's attorney, Thomas Demetrio, told AP that dismissing the officer was unexpected, but could resonate with others.

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