Sony is preparing a new model of PSVR

Marlene Weaver
October 4, 2017

The PlayStation VR may not have performed as well as many, including Sony, expected, but there are still some major pushes to make virtual reality more mainstream. It doesn't have many headline new features, but it does contain a number of small enhancements to help improve the overall experience of playing in VR.

The update adds a host of new features to the PlayStation 4. The function can be used only when the VR headset is turned off. However, there are going to be other changes, such as increased functionality, along with integrated stereo headphones cables and an upgraded processor. You can play HDR games on your compatible television without having to disconnect the box first.

That's a bit of a bummer for many who already own the current PS VR headset.

To avoid any confusion when buying the PlayStation VR, Sony also listed the difference between the two models in terms of their packaging.

The PlayStation VR looks similar to previous models, with what resembles bulky goggles for your eyes and a headband that wraps around your head. The new headset commonly referred to as the PS VR packs numerous improvements over its predecessor. The connection cabling for the headphones has also been made slimmer in an effort to reduce the PS VR's over all profile. Pricing for all PS VR bundles will stay the same even after the new model launches, which means you'll still be able to pick up the headset and camera bundle for $399 whenever the new model arrives.

Sony will soon launch a new version of the PlayStation VR headset that will come with a few but important changes.

There's neither a release date for South Africa at this point, nor is there an RRP available. The new VR Headset will be bundled with the PlayStation Camera that will cost ¥44,980 which is around $400 in the global market. The holidays are just around the corner though, so it wouldn't be shocking at all if a brand new IP were announced or some kind of surprise release that wasn't on the radar whatsoever.

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