First 13 Original Xbox Backward Compatible Games Announced

Nettie James
October 24, 2017

Not to mention that the Xbox One X, Microsoft's beastly flagship console, also launches on that month, meaning backward compatibility could be an added hype factor to drum up excitement.

And when Xbox One X launches on November 7, you can run select Xbox 360 games at higher resolution, 9X the original pixel count, and with expanded color details. For instance, games that supported system link play - such as Crimson Skies - will still support system link play. Starting October 24, you'll be able to use your already-existing discs (if you've held onto them this long) or download more than a dozen OG Xbox games directly to your modern-day console.

Xbox's official blog post reads, "the global campaign is created to appeal to all gamers, taking the audience on an emotional roller coaster to elicit emotions like awe, excitement, fear, and passion; a call for gamers to feel the emotions of gaming in a way they may never have felt before". All titles will run at 1080p, with a frame rate per second higher than the original and reduced load times. We'll be joined by special guest James Ohlen, Lead Designer for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and will have giveaways, gameplay, and will be answering your questions throughout the stream. The feature might be ready to launch as some original Xbox backward compatible games have now surfaced in the online games marketplace for Xbox.

You can start playing tomorrow.

The only drawback is that online multiplayer will no longer work, as numerous game servers have been closed down. Most of these games will still be in a 4:3 aspect ratio, however. Microsoft has also stated that they expect to release another curated list of original Xbox titles in spring of 2018. The current price of these Xbox classic games appears to be set at $9.99. However, he invited the players to enjoy the local mode and to test the LAN gameplay with all the consoles of generation of Microsoft.

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