Amazon Key: Everything you need to know about Amazon's new delivery service

Marlene Weaver
October 27, 2017

Will my package actually be on my porch when I get home? In fact, the Key app will notify you when the delivery goes down and show you an instant replay.

It can sometimes feel like Amazon is trying to take over our lives.

Delivering a product straight into customer's homes is breaking new ground in the world of logistics, but similar concepts have been established for customers' cars, with Swedish automotive manufacturer Volvo unveiling an in-car delivery service in May past year. Amazon emphasizes that its workers are not allowed to enter a home. I used the Amazon Key service and now my Xbox is missing. "In the coming months", the clients will also be able to program various visits (cleaning, care of animals, etc.) thanks to partnerships with companies in the home care, also argues Amazon.

The entire "In-Home Kit", which includes the indoor security camera and compatible smart lock, starts at $249.99.

If that's not enough, the in-home delivery service also is backed by the Amazon Key Happiness Guarantee, essentially a 30-day window to file a claim if your property is damaged in the process.

Amazon is the company vetting the strangers you're letting into your home, and the security this fact gives you depends on how much you trust a tech giant to safeguard your valuables. When a package is about to be delivered, Amazon will send a notification that will allow a customer to cancel the delivery, request the package be left outside, or watch a live feed of the delivery. The camera automatically starts recording when a motion is detected and uploads that video to AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud. "Neither keys nor access codes are never provided to the drivers", insisted Amazon. Once everything is set up, you can use the service to let couriers drop items and let friends and family in.

With the service aimed to continue rolling out to more locations "over time", Amazon told SmartCompany it hopes to offer the service to Prime customers everywhere eventually.

Here's the cool part: Once you've signed up for Amazon Prime and your system is up and running with camera installed and lock on the door, Amazon will enable a Key delivery option automatically at checkout. The company does not recommend the service to customers who have pets with access to the front door.

Even if you choose in-home delivery, couriers are instructed to ring the bell or knock on the door first. "I'm just not sure this is the one people are ready for yet".

If you do own your residence, you can also be held responsible for anything that happens to a delivery person on your property. Once, they swipe the screen, your door unlocks and they will place your package inside and swipe again on their phone to lock the door.

However, apart from the use of lockers, these delivery methods involve your packages waiting for your outside of your home or apartment.

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