School district ready for new school year, new school

Jenna Warner
September 3, 2017

Superintendent Richard Carranza said almost all of the 200 school cities that district officials have been able to evaluate suffered some flooding. HISD is one of 17 districts in the greater Houston area. Carranza says the district might consolidate some schools while they fix damaged facilities. Projected average class sizes of 26 or more students were most common at the middle school (20 percent) and high school (21 percent) levels. This includes more than 600,000 California students in more than 1,200 charter schools.

"We have a process to wrap our arms around them, to support them for a social service-type agency perspective", Rock Hill District Director of Communications Mychal Frost said.

Schools across Houston and parts of Texas' Gulf Coast will remain shuttered through Labor Day — and probably much longer — because their buildings and surrounding infrastructure will require extensive repairs even after Harvey's unprecedented floodwaters subside.

At the same time Carranza pledges the school year won't be lost.

And while some critics of earlier start times say districts could save on utility costs by kicking off the academic year after Labor Day, the savings would be minimal for Fresno, Arias said, because a third to a half of the school campuses are open anyway for summer learning or community outreach purposes during the summer - including access to school swimming pools for the public.

"There is that slight chance there will be a delay past September 11, but we're working with all due haste to make sure we're going to meet that deadline", Carranza said.

The district will have 19 new portables when school opens next week, in addition to the 35 already in place, board chairman Ravi Parmar said in an interview.

"As for the pros and cons of starting the school year earlier, it can be more hard to get students in the classroom before Labor Day, so an early start to the school year can present a drag on attendance". Others said some teachers quit before the school year ended, struggled throughout the year or were unable to pass tests needed for certification. While all students are eligible, parents are still asked to register through this website so enough food and funding can be secured. Charlotte-Mecklenburg School (CMS) officials say they first have to get their marching orders from the state.

Corpus Christi Independent School District issued a statement Thursday on welcoming students to CCISD schools. At one point, the district said, flood waters in Hilliard were four feet high.

Conestoga Valley School District said it had to exclude about 50 students Tuesday, but by Wednesday afternoon was down to nine. "We want to provide the stability of a routine..."

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