Angelina Jolie makes Toronto International Film Festival a family affair

Jenna Warner
September 14, 2017

Days after announcing she's returning to film a Maleficent sequel, Jolie recalled what it was like prepping for the first film in 2014 during a discussion at Toronto Film Festival yesterday.

Jolie opened up for the first time about her growing responsibilities as a single mother to a leading magazine.

Angelina appeared before the public in a luxury suit from "Givenchy" and, of course, noticed that the actress wasn't wearing a bra, but was acting uninhibited.

Another source claimed Jolie was as nice and down to earth as they come and it really looked like she was enjoying herself.

Angelina Jolie isn't ready to see her soon-to-be ex-husband, Brad Pitt, move on with someone new.

Meanwhile, the Oscar award-winning actress dazzled in her white pantsuit, a stylish pair of heels and trendy hoop-style earrings, as shown on the photos shared by The Huffington Post.

"When I knew I was going to Maleficent I thought, 'I have to train, I'm not good enough".

And the "Salt" star believes the setting of the movie, which was filmed in Cambodia where Maddox was born, has helped her first child to "grow and evolve". "Brad has great chemistry with his co-star, Ruth, but he is cautiously keeping things between them light and casual". I never force them.

Knowing that the villain had to have a commanding on screen presence, Jolie got a voice coach to make her portrayal distinct and have an extra edge. But amid all the important facts, I longed for something unnecessary from the filmmaker, some expressive flourish whose sole goal isn't just to convey information.

"It was a war I couldn't get my head around".

Angelina's mom passed away in 2007 following a long battle with ovarian and breast cancer. Since her demise, Jolie has not done a lot of projects in front of the camera.

Getty Images Angelina Jolie and eldest son Maddox in 2005. But recently, rumors have focused more particularly on the state of health of Angelina Jolie, who was radiant during his last photocall.

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