The SNES mini has a useful gameplay rewind feature

Marlene Weaver
August 23, 2017

For some unknown reason, like the NES Classic Mini before it, Nintendo has opted against including an actual plug with the rest of the kit, so you'll have to borrow your phone's. It was something everybody wanted.

In so many words, the best way to guarantee that you get an SNES Classic Edition console is to pre-order it. Nintendo retroactively claimed that the NES Classic was always meant to be a limited item, with production of the console ending in April of this year after months of shortages.

Nintendo said that the new rewind feature will work differently according to each game. The first has been carried over from the NES Classic and allows you to select between three display modes: 4:3, Pixel Perfect, or CRT.

The new trailer doesn't show anything we didn't already know.

Nintendo announced today that the SNES Classic has another intriguing feature. You can save up to four suspend points for each game.

The SNES Classic will sell at the suggested price of $79.99 and come with two controllers. Most importantly, StarFox 2 will finally be playable. You don't want to be typing in your credit card number and address while some other fast shopper is checking out with the Super NES you wanted to get your hands on.

"Our worries about the SNES Classic were never about whether or not the product would actually be good or not-the question is, will you be able to buy one?" The Nintendo Super NES Classic includes 21 games for North American gamers. In July, Walmart accidentally opened up its pre-order page for the SNES Classic due to a "technical glitch".

Nintendo has updated the SNES Classic website with a list of retailers that will offer pre-orders, but as of now none of them have any consoles up for grabs.

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