Microsoft has officially discontinued production on the launch Xbox One

Marlene Weaver
August 30, 2017

Any original Xbox One's that people saw in stores after this point was from previously available stocks or second-hand used trade-ins. The company is no longer selling the original console in the United States. Pre-orders opened on Sunday August 20th just before Gamescom, and the Project Scorpio launch edition of the console is already sold out in several territories, says Microsoft. Kotaku UK reports that while the original Xbox One has vanished from the U.S. store, Microsoft's UK store simply lists the old console as "sold out". Microsoft has officially confirmed that it has discontinued its original Xbox One system model, in favor of the Xbox One S and the soon-to-be-released Xbox One X, which is set to arrive this November. With a strong focus on TV and film and always-online connectivity, the Xbox One was blasted by players and critics for it's lack of focus on games. The company will now only be developing the Xbox One S as its standard Xbox One console, along with the upcoming Xbox One X which is the more powerful (and more expensive) alternative. The Xbox One S and soon, the Xbox One X, have been designed as a response to the original Xbox One, in an attempt to address those failings of the original hardware.

The original Xbox One system launched back in 2013 and immediately became a big hit for Microsoft, despite its original $499 price tag and having the Kinect automatically included, something non-motion gamers weren't too thrilled about.

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