Global reiterates support for marriage equality ahead of vote

Jenna Warner
August 25, 2017

The comedian, who is married to Australian actress Portia de Rossi, took to Twitter this morning to encourage her followers to enrol so they can participate.

We love that he's being vocal about same sex marriage!

The campaign was brought to Meghan's attention by a fan, and the Grammy-winning star quickly set the record straight. "You need to let it go", the ad reads referencing lyrics from Trainor's single, "No". "We had no idea who the person in the meme was ..."

Proponents for same-sex marriage say the vote, which is being challenged in the High Court and whose outcome is not legally binding, exposes gays and lesbians to a bruising campaign for no good reason.

The three celebrities urged their countrymen and women to ensure they were signed up for the same-sex marriage postal survey which asks: "Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?"

As Australia draws closer to a postal plebiscite on same sex marriage, both the No Campaign and the Yes Campaign continue to ramp up efforts to deliver mail to households across the country.

According to Australian expat organisation Advance if you are enrolled to vote in Australia, in order for your postal vote papers to be sent to your overseas address you must also be registered as an overseas elector.

Mr Foley noted that the "next few weeks are likely to see some intensive public debates in the press and on social media in relation to marriage equality".

Australia is one of the few developed nations which has yet to legalize same-sex marriage despite a Newspoll on Monday, conducted for The Australian newspaper, showing it is supported by 63 percent of the population.

But more than 500,000 people aged between 18 and 39 are missing from the roll.

"And then one of the most attractive institutions in human history, marriage, and take that, and say "that's mine".

"This $122 million exercise is an incredible waste of money", Bill Shorten, leader of the opposition Labor Party, said on Monday, referring to the cost of the postal vote in Australian dollars.

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