UK museum unveils huge whale skeleton

Jenna Warner
July 15, 2017

Sir David Attenborough told the audience he first walked into the Natural History Museum more than 80 years ago, when he was just 10.

The revamp focuses on the "authenticity" of the museum's collection, and sees Dippy the Diplodocus cast swapped out for a 25-metre blue whale skeleton called Hope, which is suspended from the ceiling as the focal point of the entrance area.

But the museum said the skeleton of the blue whale, the largest animal to have lived on Earth and which has been hunted to near extinction, would better raise awareness of mankind's impact on nature.

Attending an opening at London's Natural History Museum, the Duchess of Cambridge kept things simple, teaming her new shorter haircut with a short-sleeved pale blue dress. "The transformation of Hintze Hall represents a new era for us as a natural history museum for the future".

"In her stunning new home, she is even more spectacular".

Despite being known for her impeccable style and having one of the world's most envied wardrobes, it wouldn't be unfair to note that the Duchess of Cambridge's aesthetic is often a little safe.

Saur loss Museum’s diplodocus exhibit Dippy has gone
Saur loss Museum’s diplodocus exhibit Dippy has gone

The event also marked the first time Middleton talked about her interest in Marine conservation.

Information on the whale's journey from ocean to beach to museum is provided in the app, as well as the different techniques used by the museum to learn about the mammal and the importance of the whale's position in Hintze Hall.

However, a #SaveDippy campaign on Twitter failed to change museum director Sir Michael Dixon's mind.

Dippy the Diplodocus is about to embark on a 24-month tour of the United Kingdom, visiting, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and five regions of England.

The Natural History Museum has unveiled its first major refurbishment since the 1970s, transforming architect Alfred Waterhouse's Hintze Hall at the entrance to the museum.

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