'PLEASE WAKE UP': US teen livestreams sister's crash death

Michele Moreno
July 25, 2017

A teen in Stockton, California has been arrested for allegedly driving under the influence and causing a crash Friday that killed her sister.

The moments leading up to the crash, as well as the accident itself, was broadcasted by Obdulia Sanchez live on Instagram. The live video, originally posted to Instagram, was circulated on social media. I f-- killed my sister, OK? "I know I'm going to jail for life", she says after positioning the camera to film both herself and her sister.

She filmed herself at the wheel while her sister Jacqueline and a pal, 14, sat in the back on Friday, police said.

Video allegedly recorded by the 18-year-old shows her singing to the radio while driving, with the footage going blurry when the vehicle crashes. Sanchez's two passengers - Jacqueline and another 14-year-old girl - weren't wearing seat belts and were ejected from the vehicle, the CHP said.

Officials say Jacqueline Sanchez, 14, was thrown through the back windscreen of the 2003 Buick when Ms Sanchez over corrected after swerving almost off the edge of the road.

Obdulia Sanchez complained of pain in her chest and right knee after the crash, according to CHP. I understand that. I don't f**king care, though.

"Jacqueline, please wake up!". I love my sister... this is the last thing I thought was going to happen to us... The two girls in the back were not wearing seat belts. The video was on Facebook following the incident but has since been removed.

Another young teenager was also in the auto and badly injured, reports ABC 30. "I'm sorry baby. I'm a hold it down....rest in peace sweetie".

The victim was due to celebrate her Quinceanera-a Latin American celebration of the fifteenth birthday-on Sunday, ABC 13 reported.

'Wake up baby, I'm f***ing sorry baby, I did not mean to kill you sweetie'.

The California Highway Patrol has said it is examining the Instagram video as part of its investigation.

A Gofundme page set up to pay for funeral expenses for Jacqueline Sanchez Estrada.

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