Firefighters Save Dog With Help From Girl Scouts

Ray Weaver
July 23, 2017

A California dog was pulled from a burning house and revived by firefighters, a heartwarming rescue caught on video.

The Bakersfield Fire Department posted the video to its Facebook page on Wednesday, where it has been viewed almost 700,000 times.

Moments later, he comes around and is well enough to be reunited with his owner.

Then, after being given what officials say is a specialized animal oxygen mask, the dog is appears suddenly awake and panting.

Firefighter Matt Smith saved the dog

Jack the Shih Tzu's was found behind a sofa during the blaze and carried outside by a firefighter in scenes seen on a video posted to the Bakersfield Fire Department's Facebook page.

The fire department gave an update on Jack's condition on Friday and said that despite suffering "some respiratory tract injuries and burns to his feet", his condition had significantly improved.

Video shows a man checking on his pet, before a firefighter places a specialised animal oxygen mask over the unresponsive dog's face.

"I thought Jack was going to die", department spokesperson John Frando told the Associated Press.

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