Firefighters rescue woman from boa constrictor in Ohio

Michele Moreno
July 30, 2017

The shocked dispatcher asked her to clarify what she had on her face and the woman repeated, "Boa constrictor".

The dispatcher was heard to tell the firefighters that this was a first for her. Listen to the 911 call below.

The dispatcher sent firefighters and police to the woman's home in Sheffield Lake, a community about 25 miles (40 kilometers) west of Cleveland in Lorain County, but seemed stumped.

The 45-year-old called 911 in a panic around 2pm after a five-and-a-half foot long boa constrictor that she had rescued a day prior had wrapped itself around her neck, was biting her face and wouldn't let go. The woman was then taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. "You're outside with a boa constrictor stuck to your face?" She was pleading, "There's blood everywhere!"

Rescuers arrived at the woman's home in Sheffield Lake (pictured) to find her lying in the driveway.

As the woman continued to yell into the phone, the dispatcher tried to calm her down by reassuring her that emergency services and paramedics were on their way. Card said, "They had to cut its head off with a knife to get it to let go of her face".

"I would imagine the bite was very painful so she's gonna have to put up with that while [SIC] too".

According to WAFB, the victim owns two boa constrictors and nine ball pythons. And now she's gonna have to make a decision on whether she continues to do this.

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