Elon Musk Claims 'Verbal' OK for 29-Minute NY-DC Hyperloop

Nettie James
July 21, 2017

SpaceX CEO and founder Elon Musk has downplayed the chances of a successful inaugural flight for his Falcon Heavy space launch vehicle, admitting there is a "good chance it would not make it to orbit in its first launch".

Entrepreneur Elon Musk on Thursday said that he had received "verbal government approval" to build an underground transport hyperloop between NY and Washington, although he did not say who gave the approval or how any such project would proceed.

Some city representatives, however, say no such talks have occurred.

Elon Musk says it's possible and he has the government's approval to do it (though it's anyone's guess which government or how long it'd take to build).

The announcement sparked lots questions: Musk didn't say what government official gave him a "verbal" OK for the project, and it's not clear that anyone would have the ability to sign off on such a project single handedly, much less verbally. Musk did not respond to a request for clarification on Twitter. The Boring Company's main goal is to construct tunnel networks beneath (and, eventually, between) traffic-choked cities such as Los Angeles, enabling speedier travel.

The route - which would measure more than 200 miles (depending on where the start and end points were) would be built by Musk's Boring Company and would see journey times lasting just 29 minutes, according to Musk.

But he insists the transit loop would connect New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and Baltimore.

Getting from New York City to Washington in under a half hour perhaps got a step closer Thursday.

Musk's Boring Company is named after equipment that will bore underground tunnels meant to alleviate above-ground traffic.

Likewise, The Boring Company has begun construction of its first transport tunnel in Los Angeles, with Musk tweeting progress on an elevator skeleton and the tunnel.

The companies feature two separate transportation ideas along the same vein: The Boring Company is geared toward providing an underground highway option for drivers in densely populated areas while Hyperloop One is focused on extremely fast, train-like transportation between cities.

Musk added that his tunnel digging process wouldn't disturb people above ground.

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