Trump Believes in Climate Change Despite Paris Deal Withdrawal - US Ambassador

Michele Moreno
June 10, 2017

Mr. Trump is expected to withdraw the United States from the agreement per his campaign promises and sources who are familiar with the matter, but will likely make a formal announcement regarding the position Thursday afternoon.

But don't bother asking at the White House. When pressed about Trump's beliefs, advisors Gary Cohn and Kellyanne Conway told journalists to "ask him".

The president also ignored it during an unrelated bill-signing. "And he does know that pollutants are a part of that equation", she said. "So that is the fact".

Tapper referenced a 2012 tweet where Trump suggested the Chinese created the "concept of global warming" to disadvantage US manufacturers.

Since the 1990s, the global community has been engaging in forging collective actions on climate change.

In 2013, Trump described global warming as a "hoax".

The Trump administration has been aggressive in rolling back environmental protections, especially those instituted during the Obama administration. The decision has drawn a negative reaction from around the world with world leaders vowed to enhance their commitment to the landmark accord. The decision was not about them, but fortifying the base. And in multiple instances, he and his administration have avoided using the term "climate change" altogether. In almost every instance, he expressed skepticism or mockery. He added it is very challenging, however, to accurately measure the extent of human contribution to global warming.

Often the president has pointed to cold weather as evidence the climate scientists are wrong.

When asked whether he knows what the president believes, Pruitt told ABC's George Stephanopoulos that the question is "off the point".

The same message was echoed in the president's books. CNN is reporting that Patricia Espinosa, the executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, called the Bloomberg Philanthropies financial commitment "crucial".

"A large part of Trump's appeal was this you and I, the average American worker, the middle class American, against the elites, not only here at home, but overseas", Madden said. The one of the largest polluters in the world, the second largest contributor to carbon emissions. "And that is a big problem".

"I think there's a change in weather".

Just six years before the achievement of the Paris Agreement, a global attempt to resolve climate change at Copenhagen, Denmark, collapsed. "I'm not a great believer", he told The Washington Post.

He says Trump concluded it would put the nation at an economic disadvantage. They saw Trump looking out for their interests - looking out for their jobs. "I have an open mind to it. And that's what we're going to do". Should China take the lead on writing the next sets of trade rules - as our renunciations of both Paris and the TPP make more likely - you can bet those new agreements won't favor the U.S. In November he said he had an "open mind to it".

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