Megyn Kelly says it's important to "shine a light" on Alex Jones

Jenna Warner
June 13, 2017

Yet NBC and Megyn Kelly have given conspiracy theorist Alex Jones a huge one.

That opportunity is angering the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy. When Jones tries to dodge responsibility for his claims (and the death threats Sandy Hook parents have received as a result) by pointing out that the mainstream American media doesn't adequately cover, for instance, the victims of Middle Eastern famines, Kelly responded, "that doesn't excuse what you did or said".

Regardless, parents who lost children that day are outraged that Kelly is giving a primetime platform to Jones.

In the interview, Jones challenges Kelly to investigate how "30 years ago they began creating animal-human hybrids", though it's not clear who "they" are. "We're not just giving him a platform".

"Until you see the full program, in the full context, I wouldn't judge it too much", Liz Cole, the executive producer of "Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly", told CNNMoney. "Say her name - stare at this & tell me it's worth it. @nbc #SandyHook", she wrote.

As the criticism rained down, Kelly defended the interview on Twitter on Sunday night, saying it was her job to "shine a light" on a man praised by the president and given a White House credential. I promise you it's not riveting.

Jones on Monday called for Kelly to cancel the airing of their interview, claiming that it is "misrepresenting" his views on Sandy Hook. On Facebook, Soto's family said the "incessant need for ratings at the cost of the emotional well-being of our family is disgusting and disappointing".

"That doesn't excuse what you did and said about Newtown", she continued in nearly a mocking tone. "You should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing this behavior". "He's really hurting people", said the mother.

To many people, Jones' views are not only baseless but reckless, offensive and downright weird. Jones quickly tried to deflect the question by criticizing mainstream USA media, to which Kelly responded, "That's a dodge".

- Shannon Watts (@shannonrwatts) June 12, 2017 Keep on mind this interview is airing on Father's Day.

"Any time you give someone like Alex Jones a platform, their followers will double-down or increase their attack on grieving families", Marquez-Greene said.

Even as Sandy Hook parents and others call for a boycott of Kelly's show, the Huffington Post reports that Jones and others involved in Infowars now say that Kelly's interview represents a conspiracy to do a "hatchet job" on Jones.

"I looked at all the angles about Newtown", he said.

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