'March for Truth' protesters demand independent investigation into Trump's possible Russian Federation ties

Erika Turner
June 4, 2017

Rallies are scheduled in major USA cities, including New York, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Boston and San Francisco, as well as cities around the world like London, Brussels, and Munich.

Thousands of anti-Donald Trump protesters from coast to coast participated in the "March for Truth" on Saturday. They were seen congregating in cities such as Washington, New York and Chicago, where they demanded a fresh probe into Trump's alleged connections to Russian Federation, as well as the release of the president's tax returns and more scrutiny of accusations that Moscow deliberately interfered in last year's USA presidential race. They are also calling on Congress to force the president to release his tax returns, and are seeking prosecution for "any crimes or collusion" uncovered.

That rally was dubbed "Pittsburgh, Not Paris" - a reference to the president's statement Thursday, in announcing his plan to withdraw from the global climate treaty, that "I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris".

This time it was a "March for Truth".

In Chicago, people gathered at Federal Plaza before making their way to Trump Tower.

"I thought it was quite clever and, in the end, I respect a man of his word", she said of Trump and his "Pittsburgh not Paris" remarks.

Christi Branch, from Waynesboro, Virginia, said she made the last-minute trip to the nation's capital to show her support for Trump. There's too much partisanship, he said, adding that what matters is putting America first. "That is exactly what (Russian President) Vladimer Putin wants".

Public advocate Tish James welcomed Trump's supporter, who James refers to as "Agent Orange".

In New Jersey, a few hundred protesters rallied near one of Trump's golf clubs.

In what was expected to be the largest demonstration of the day, protestors gathered on the National Mall near the Washington Monument.

"We're being hit daily with propaganda and gas lighting that's trying normalize what's happening around us, and it's not normal" said one women, sparking a round of "This is not normal" chants.

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