Kansas governor signs new abortion law with font requirement

Javier Howell
June 12, 2017

"While we evaluate all of our legal options against SB 83, we join the rest of Kansas in celebrating the end of Brownback's failed tax experiment and moving Kansas in the right economic direction", McQuade said, referring to Brownback's signature 2012 tax cuts.

Kansas' Republican-led Legislature voted late Tuesday to reverse Gov. Sam Brownback's signature tax cuts, overriding the governor's veto of a bill that reverses numerous income-tax reductions he championed as a way to fix the state's budget. The last time this happened, in February, neither chamber could muster enough votes to override the veto.

"This is not an easy vote", said Rep. Troy Waymaster, a Bunker Hill Republican who voted for the override.

The bill would increase income tax rates and end an exemption for more than 330,000 farmers and business owners, repealing or rolling back income tax cuts enacted in 2012 and 2013 that Brownback still bills as pro-growth policies. The Republican governor issued a veto message declaring Senate Bill 30 the largest tax increase in state history, clearly damaging to businesses' job growth and destructive to the well-being of families. The measure is created to cover projected budget shortfalls totaling $889 million through June 2019 while providing new dollars for public schools to comply with a state Supreme Court ruling in March that education funding is inadequate. Only Rep. Ken Corbet, R-Topeka, and Rep. Ron Highland, R-Wamego, opposed the effort to reverse Brownback's veto. With every subsequent shortfall, the picture became more clear. Both bills irresponsibly implement a state income tax on business owners retroactively to January 1, the governor said. "The years 2010-2020, in my mind, that's going to be the lost decade for where we could have been had we not gone down this disastrous path to zero income taxes". "Let's put this Capitol in the rearview mirror", he said.

Burdett Loomis, a professor of political science at the University of Kansas, said the elections gave "a lot of energy" to Brownback's opponents.

"They continue to want more and more", he said.

In the Senate, Sens.

Much of the impassioned debate in the Senate came from conservative opponents of the bill, while many moderate Republicans and Democrats sat silent. "We are in a situation, but this bill is not the answer".

Couples making #30,000 to $60,000 will pay upwards of $315 - a tax rate of 5.25%, up from 4.6% the highest tier under the cuts, but lower than the 6.25% from 2012. "That means something. We need to consider those people". What I saw was a welcome, and all-too-rare, recognition that the tax cuts were simply inconsistent with maintaining a public good that they actually value in the state.

"You have to find the focal point of what matters to people and then dig in and gather people up", she said.

Murray said imposition of an annual tax increase of $600 million would "reset the clock on Kansas' economic recovery".

The veto override is a blow to the governor's agenda, something he blames on the fact that lawmakers should be done with the session.

Still, there is little reason to think Republicans in Congress have watched the implosion of Kansas and learned the same lessons. "Small businesses understand you can't spend money you don't have", said Dan Murray, state director of the independent business group.

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