Iran launches missile attack on 'terrorists' in Syrian city

Michele Moreno
June 20, 2017

Iran has fired missiles into eastern Syria targeting the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militant group which claimed the attack on the Iranian parliament and a shrine in Tehran.

Iraqi and Syrian forces met at a crossing point northeast of Tanf, a strategic Syrian border crossing with Iraq on the Baghdad-Damascus highway, where US troops and Syrian opposition fighters are based, a Syrian general told the pro-government al-Ikhbariya TV channel.

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After passing through Iraqi airspace, the missiles hit positions of the self-styled IS in Syria's Deir al Zour province 650 to 700 km from the launch sites.

Mohammadreza Aref, the leader of the pro-reform Hope faction, praised the missile attacks on ISIS strongholds, saying it was a "response to ill-wishers of the Islamic Iran".

The IRGC had vowed revenge for the Tehran attacks and accused Saudi Arabia of supporting ISIS in the operation.

The Guards' missile strike sends a message that extends beyond the fighting in Syria, said Amir Handjani, a non-resident fellow at the Atlantic Council research center.

This is especially confusing as activists in Syria didn't have information about the claimed Iranian strikes.

Iran's Revolutionary Guard said it had fired six missiles from western Iran into northeastern Syria yesterday, targeting "terror bases". It's also aimed to tell the USA that Iran is fighting the Islamic State on its own terms, Handjani said. The Syrian army said the warplane was on a mission against Islamic State militants when it was shot down.

Iran's weapons programme is also a major concern for its Sunni arch-rival Saudi Arabia.

"Riyadh must know that all of its oil regions are within the range of Iranian missiles", he said. Israel also remains concerned about Iran's missile launches. Former Guard chief Gen. Mohsen Rezai wrote on Twitter: "The bigger slap is yet to come".

"They don't have the capability to engage in clashes with us for now and of course, we don't intend to involve in clashes with them but we are in permanent rivalry with them in different fields, including the missile sector", he said.

"So far, we only posted military advisors on the ground in Syria and Iraq", he said.

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