Horrific Incident in China's zoo

Nettie James
June 7, 2017

The live donkey was pushed down by the zookeepers into the moat surrounding the tiger enclosure.

Another outraged user said: "An alive donkey being thrown into a cage full of tigers - sadistic".

According to the South China Morning Post, the men also tried to throw goat into the enclosure but were stopped by visitors and security staff.

Changzhou zoo reported the investors tossed the animal into the tiger enclosure in "a fit of rage", following a management meeting about poor returns.

The zoo visitors described the incident as "bloody".

An official from the zoo said a shareholder involved in a dispute with the zoo was responsible for the incident. Many called it a barbaric act as this was not a typical predator-prey relationship taking place in wild but a clear case of animal abuse. He had arranged for the group of men to take some of the zoo's animals, including the donkey, outside and sell them.

The shareholders invested in the zoo two years ago. The donkey is then nearly immediately pounced on by one of the felines, and is later killed and eaten.

"Since we can't have any benefits, we thought why not feed them to the tigers, at least we can save on animal feed", one unidentified shareholder told local media.

While another still raised a valid point: "Other zoos around the world manage to keep tigers perfectly healthy without feeding them live food".

The zoo has apologized for the incident and said it would ensure such incident would never happen in the future.

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